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Moving to British Columbia in January!

So myself and Brittany are moving to B.C. in January for a work term! I will be there for four months.

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Writer's Block: On the road again

If you could go on a road trip with any person, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you go?

I would take someone who had a spirit of adventure, was willing to get lost, and does not mind the occasional drink.
I would say my friend Katelyn, since we often have the same idea when it comes to doing something ridiculous and a little dangerous.
But the ideal road trip would be one where I could bring all or most of my girls. It would require at least two cars, a lot of music, terrible junk food, and by the end we would probably all want to kill each other.

Logistically, we would have to star in Newfoundland, go to Montreal, and then start heading south to New York, and maybe hit most of the eastern states.


After the cut

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So excited for Walking Dead show!

(Not the real opening, tis fan made)

Old Favorites

I was looking through my music today and thinking of songs with lyrics I love. Two immediately came to my mind - Anywhere by the Presets and Dragonfly by M. Craft.


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I have three exams written, and three left. Luckily none are on Wednesday, so I spent my Tuesday night trying to teach myself how to roll a joint (I have a pipe so I've never found that skill to be necessary) reading, listening to music and not studying at all.
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Where you gonna run to?

Situation = Solved


Kinda looking forward to more drinking!

But tonight, unfortunately, will only be filled with lots of studying.


I am trying to decide if I should apply for a work term in Alberta (Fort Mac), but everything I hear about it is a pro and a con!
For example:

Pro: Way more men than woman
Con: Way more men than woman

Pro: I get to go someplace new!
Con: I won't know anyone there.

Pro: Lots of partying from what I hear?
Con: Lots of drugs and nothing else to do

Pro: Money
Con: Well, dollar billz are awesome so this one is just a pro.

I doubt I will go because I am much to gutless to leave for 12-16 weeks. Plus I'd miss all my friends here.
Ah, well.

In other news guilt is racking me up (and trying not to think about it is not working out).

But I have decided to try and forget about it.
Tomorrow I am going on a field trip to the geocentre.Yes, I am in college. Yes we go on field trips. I'm kinda looking forward to it, actually. We are going to get to see the geothermal heating unit that is not normally open to the public, which will be... interesting? I had to get steel toe safety boots today for it, but I will probably forget them tomorrow. 
Right now I have this paper of code of ethics/conduct that is due on Wednesday.
I'm reading this series right now, it's called the Sookie Stackhouse series. It's about a barmaid who can read minds and falls in love with a vampire. It's not amazing or heartbreaking or anything, but it is entertaining.
I should probably go to bed now so I'm out.

Lust for life

Just finished reading Y: The Last Man, a comic book series. It was amazing! I don't want to give anything away, but I cried at the end of it.
Apparently it's going to be a movie? According to this article:

I've decided that I am going to try to do some hiking this spring/summer. There's a fair few trails around Newfoundland, and I'd like to do them all! With working fulltime and school however, I doubt I will get them all done.
I started today with Butterpot Hill. My mom, aunt, and I went. It's not too challenging, although the steps definitely got me a little out of breath. The view at the top is beautiful, but very windy!
I tried taking some pictures, but my camera is complete shit.
Anyway, I have class tomorrow at nine, so I should probably be heading to bed half soon. Or writing a lab report. So, I'm out.




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